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Best Tips for Improving your SEO for Instagram

Instagram is one of the most popular social media marketing tools that you can use to make your business grow. With billions of active users every day, it can help you create and grow your online brand by engaging more users and potential customers.

Your success on Instagram is not just about posting attractive photos and videos. It is all about creating the right combo of visuals and content. You should then link your Instagram page to drive more people to your website where they can buy your products or services.

Here are some tips that you can use to improve your Instagram presence:

Study your Keywords:

Although Instagram doesn’t work like the other traditional search engines; for example Google or Bing, people still search it using hashtags. You need to study the most researched and relevant hashtags that will work for your visual content. Working with hashtags is easier than optimizing your keywords for Google as you can simply add as many as you want at the end of your caption.

Keep your Followers Engaged:

People are very interested in things that they can get for free. Build your credibility and keep users engaged by offering prizes and free giveaways and make sure that the winners will share their experience. More people will be checking your Instagram account and thus converted to your website to get to know more about your products or services. Although you will have to spend money on free prizes and giveaways, you have to think of this money as a useful investment that will help your business grow.

You can also ask your users to post their own pictures using your products or services. By competing for likes and prizes, more people will be interested in buying your products if they know that they are winning something.

Make it for a Good Cause:

Does your business relate to a non-profit charity or a cause? Talk about your social and moral responsibility by explaining to your followers how buying your services or products can help support a good cause. Share photos and videos of how your business sponsors a charity organization that will attract your clients’ attention.

Use Ads:

By creating the right ad policy for Instagram, you will be able to attract more followers who might be currently looking for your particular services or products. Instagram studies the patterns of different users, thus posting relevant ads that might attract their attention. People will get to see ads that are related to the pages they already follow and hashtags they usually type in the search bar. This means that they are more likely going to check your Instagram page.

Whether you are going to start your Instagram account or buy one that already has millions of users, you need to make sure that you are offering information and value to your potential customers. By posting attractive visuals and the right captions, you will guarantee that more people are interested in checking your content and later converted to your website.

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