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A lot of businesses find it difficult today to get the attention of their target market. What they don’t know is that they should first assess the company’s visibility on the World Wide Web. This means that there should be careful examination how your website is ranking compared to your competitors. SEO is a great tool that can help even small businesses gain the traction that they need in their market.

SEO Tampa has been known for providing the best solutions to companies and brands that are looking to establish a name in a particular niche. Just how important is ranking these days?

For starters, internet users rarely go beyond the second search result page. This means that they simply want to get the results in a fast manner. And this isn’t surprising. Majority of internet users go online using their smartphones. And obviously, they simply take the first ones that appear on their result.

8 out of 10 Google users will opt to use just the first page of the search result. This means that if your site is found on the second or third page, it can really affect your traffic in the long run.

Why Not Do SEO on Your Own?

A lot of companies try to do their SEO by themselves. But is this a good move? If you are going to think about it, you have to fully understand how the algorithm works before you can use your own skills. What most businesses don’t know is that they could be doing it wrong. And in this case, mistakes can disrupt the entire online marketing plan. Could you imagine your site being deindexed by Google because you did something that the current algorithm doesn’t allow?

For this reason, you want to hire a company or at least a freelancer who can cover your needs. The company should have enough experience and knowledge regarding SEO. Next, it is an important
consideration to know what are the strategies that they are going to implement?

Ranking isn’t exactly straightforward. You want to rank on the right keywords in order to attract the right market.

Content Planning and Execution

Ever wondered why content is king? Content marketing not only produces some great results for your presence online, it is also possible to reap more benefits than paid options. Using content marketing, it becomes possible that your audience will be the ones who are sharing your content organically.

By the looks of it, content is probably the most important thing that makes a website rank. These days, websites that lack content rarely get to the top search result. The point is, people make use of the internet in order to get information that they need to know. For websites, it is a must that there is useful content.

High-quality and original content can be considered a must in today’s World Wide Web in order for the site to rank. However, not all businesses have the ability and even the time to craft these contents for their audience.

SEO Tampa has a team of copywriters who can provide content according to your needs. Do you need a homepage content that can secure a particular audience? Or perhaps, you need content that will be published regularly on your blog? SEO Tampa can provide you with a team of copywriters and editors that can produce content according to your needs.

The content team can also help you plan your content throughout the week and even months. You can also get a team of copywriters willing to strike when the iron is still hot. Copywriters and editors are willing to write topics that are trending in order to be first in line ahead of your competitors.

Link Building

Backlinks are still important until today. And though there are a number of algorithm updates made by companies that focused mainly on the quality of content, backlinks are still a valuable metrics in SEO. And for this reason, it is important that you get high-quality backlinks.

As rule of thumb, the creation of backlinks should always be organic in nature. If you are the type who simply created a large volume of backlinks all at once, then you can get penalized by Google for doing such.

The good news is that there are a number of creative ways on how you can approach your link building. There are those that connect to popular websites in order to become a guest blogger. And in return, they can get links.

Also, it is possible to invest on long and original content in order to get more people to link on your website. But of course, this is easier said than done. It is quite common that you will need to have professional link builders and SEO experts who can oversee everything.

Mobile-First Approach

One important thing that you have to understand is that a mobile-first approach in your website’s design is crucial in order to get the rankings that you need in your niche. Now that most Google searches happen on mobile devices, Google decided to prioritize ranking websites that are mobile-friendly. In addition to being mobile friendly, it should also be optimized for smaller devices. This means that the photos should be easy to load especially considering the use of mobile data rather than wifi.

For this reason, an SEO Tampa company should be able to take a closer look at your website’s design and provide answers that can make things work. Web designers are capable of providing aesthetically appealing and functional websites that can help give your market what they are looking for.

Keyword Research

Keyword research is yet another aspect that is taken lightly by different businesses. However, keep in mind that strategy is key towards getting your website ranked. And by avoiding keywords that are highly competitive, you can maximize your efforts.

Instead, it is imperative to focus on long-tail keywords. Long-tail keywords are also known to be high converting considering the fact that consumers already know what they are looking for.

And in terms of smoothly incorporating your keywords into your content, long-tail keywords are also easier to include in your content.

Social Media Strategy

Another staple in SEO today is social media marketing. Considering the billions of social media accounts, not to mention the ability of social media platforms to track down users according to behaviors, this is something that you don’t want to miss out on.

For SEO experts, Social Media strategy is key to the success of your overall SEO strategy. These days, Google and other major search engines take a closer look at social media signals. This way, they know exactly which websites to show. The more people who share your content on social media platforms, the better your chances are.

But of course, which social media platform should you stick with? Is it a good idea to make use of all social media platforms available? In reality, this shouldn’t be the case. You have to choose which social media platform is appropriate for your branding and build your audience from it.

Facebook and Twitter are two social media platforms that have gained popularity over the years. And in reality, these platforms can also provide you with inbound links that can generally improve your site’s ranking.

The point is to have a following that actively likes and shares your posts. However, it is easier said than done. For this reason, SEO Tampa includes social media experts as part of the SEO team in order to help in making a content go viral.

Adding Security To Your Website

For businesses that have a website that sells products and services, it is crucial that you are offering peace of mind as well to your customers. In fact, Google has now considered ranking sites that have “https” better than those that don’t. What it does is make sure that a consumer gets an added layer of protection considering how rampant identity theft is today.

Optimizing the Speed

Speed kills. If you have a website that takes a lot of time to load, keep in mind that this can be detrimental to the overall success of your website. You will eventually be dealing with prospective clients that are leaving your website in the middle of browsing your website.

Nowadays, Google algorithm considers the speed of your website as criteria when it comes to your site’s ranking. As a matter of fact, there are many reasons why your site is slowing down. There is a possibility that the images that you are using are too big. It is also possible that something has to be done in your website’s code. And for this reason, there should be a team of web developers and designers who could actively play a role in making the website perform at its best.

A Study on Your Competition

One of the things that make SEO tricky is that there is no generic approach. You have to carefully plan your every move. You can’t expect a good SEO company to simply use the same tactics for every one of their clients. Instead, what you want is a company that can adapt to your different needs.

And also, it is crucial that the SEO company is willing to study your industry and take note of the most successful online marketing campaigns within your niche. This way, it becomes easier to understand what you are dealing with within your market. Are you dealing with well-established companies that are already ranking on the best keywords? What exactly are their SEO strategies that make their company successful?

A company should also have a baseline where you are starting. It is important that an SEO company is going to be honest with the business owners in order to for them to understand the task at hand and how much time is actually needed in order to get the work done and before concrete results start to become visible.


Why do numbers matter so much? One of the best things that you can get from an SEO Tampa company is an analysis of what transpired in your online campaign. Was the SEO strategy implemented
effectively? Is there any other adjustment that should be done?

Numbers are important because it gives you an idea what transpired during a specific period of time. It also gives you the peace of mind that you are looking for especially if you are still unsure whether or not the strategies used in your SEO campaign worked.

A lot of SEO companies provide weekly and monthly reports in order to give you an insight whether or not is there an improvement in your SEO campaign. What are the usual things that are included in the report? It is quite common to see the traffic and which keywords brought your market.

You will know where your traffic is coming from and which pages are popular among your audience. This way, you will be able to figure out which parts of the website you need to improve as well. In addition to this, you will also find out which devices are used mostly by users? Do you have a majority of mobile users visiting your site? Also, is there a high bounce rate?

After the analytics, that’s when the company can also suggest changes that can be done. As the months go by, you will notice that you are already getting results that you wanted to have. And of course, analytics should always be the basis of every action that has to be done in your SEO campaign.

The Site Should Become User-Friendly

Ultimately, a good company that you can rely on should know exactly how to make a website that is user-friendly. What’s the point of a website if it doesn’t give the right information to its users? Google has focused mainly on websites that can cater the best information and the best experience whether they are buying or simply browsing your site.

And for this, you will need to have a company that is experienced in handling these concerns. The SEO company should also know how to make the necessary adjustments along the way.

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